Carbon Monoxide Alarms

We are a local provider of the Defender, Kidde, BRK, and First Alert Carbon Monoxide alarms!

Check out our ‘Best CO Alarm Comparison – 2014’ on Youtube!

We also provide the Brand New Defender LL6070 Low Level CO Monitors! The new LL6070 is the only Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor we recommend to protect the health of you and your loved ones. It constantly scans your home for Chronic low levels of Carbon Monoxide, and alerts you when it detects levels as low as 10ppm. You no longer have to be subjected to 70ppm of Carbon Monoxide for over an hour to be alerted to the presence of the poisonous gas in your home.

Call us now to order the most accurate Low Level CO monitor on the market, the new Defender LL6070! We also provide the only hybrid UL listed CO detector on the market, the Defender CA6150!

LL6070 Product Image