Jim & Barbara Jones

“Thanks” is not really enough to say for your installation of our new AC system. We purchased our two story home in 2000. It was equipped of course with a heat pump system but the unit never ever really cooled the upstairs. Finally, this year we decided to explore a seperate unit for the second story. In the past, it use to get so hot upstairs, tall candles would actually melt in their stands if the house was left locked up and the air off.

We secured 4 or 5 estimates to place a seperate system on the second story. You however were the only company that suggested returns in every room, as the ceilings in the second level are all vaulted. We even asked the other companies about returns and the idea seemed to be foreign to all of them. Your idea to use returns to remove the hot air in the vaulted ceilings seemed good to use so we decided to use American Air.

Today, we returned home from a trip, after being gone for three days. When we got home, the upstairs as usual was very hot. However, within 30 minutes of turning on our new AC system, the upstairs got down to 76 degrees and was very comfortable. This is a first since moving into our home !!! We attribute the rapid cool down to the returns you installed in every room.

Thank you again Kim for selling us on this new technology. Please put us down as a reference should you need us.

Jim & Barbara Jones
Lakehead, CA