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American Air is an official dealer for Mitsubishi products in the Redding CA area, and has access to a wide variety of Mitsubishi appliances. Mitsubishi manufactures wall-mounted, floor standing, and ceiling recessed mini-split systems. For a free quote, please call us at 530-221-7455 or 530-365-7400.

NEW! HyperHeat Technology that allows units to operate at temperatures as low as -15° F

In cold climates, heat pumps typically experience a decrease in pressure, refrigerant flow rate and operational capacity. INVERTER technology actually allows for higher heating speeds at a lower temperature, without putting extra strain on the unit or potentially causing long-term damage to the compressor.

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Mini-Split

With every Mitsubishi Mini-Split system, we offer a 12 Year Parts and Compressor Warranty.